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Groundswell Fund

Strengthening Movements for Reproductive and Social Justice

Those most excluded from democracy should be at the center of transforming it.

As one of the largest funders of Women of Color-led organizing in the United States, Groundswell Fund strengthens U.S. movements for reproductive and social justice by funding grassroots organizing.

Groundswell came to Teal with a challenge: Help us tell our story, lift up our incredible grantees, and demonstrate why the Fund is the best way to effectively support real social change.

We partnered to build new websites for Groundswell Fund (c3) and Groundswell Action Fund (c4) to power their blueprint for change: “moving $80M to grassroots organizing led by Women of Color and Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming people of color by 2026.”

From the Movement, for the Movement

  • Expanding the Brand: Grassroots Power

    Teal’s designers took an existing Groundswell Fund logo and expanded it into a visual design system with dynamic color, typography, and imagery. The wave-like elements of the logo layer and animate–ebbing and flowing–underneath authentic images of grantees. The subtle motion furthers the activation and dynamism of the site. Accessible, legible typography strikes a tone that’s approachable for funders and true to the Fund’s grassroots power-building work.

    A collage of the webpage designs for Groundswell. The designs include swaths of light blue, dark navy, and teal backgrounds with playful typography and protest images of Women of Color activists.

    The Movement’s Center: Grantees

    Groundswell Fund has spent nearly two decades building relationships with reproductive and social justice organizations. The fund created an “irrigation system” that helps donors and foundations pour in resources to support the vital organizing and movement-building work happening on the grounds of communities across the country.

    The new website:

    • Spotlights grantees from Black Trans Media in Brooklyn to Native Movement in Fairbanks, AK
    • Helps grantseekers find the right fund for them
    • Gives funders a clear view of Groundswell Fund’s impact and its simple and revolutionary model for change
    Component/Card designs from the Groundswell website are collaged. Each design element has a Women of Color activists sitting on top of swirl-like wave graphics with headlines. The first card features a Black woman smiling in a colorful fushia scarf with her arm raised in a power fist and the headline overlapping her reads,
    A collage of the Groundswell Website pages and mobile phone screens. A majority of the designs feature light blue and dark navy backgrounds with colorful images of POC activists and also playful typography.

    An Action Fund that’s Transforming Democracy

    For the c4 Groundswell Action Fund, Teal used WordPress multisite to create a sibling site that feels related, but visually distinct. The site is distinguished with an energetic color palette rooted in deep purples, small typography shifts, and content that speaks to the legislative and electoral impact of this particular fund.

    The result? A recognizable presence that is easy for the Groundswell team to manage, clear for users to navigate, and ready to support the electoral organizing efforts led by women and Trans People of Color.

    A collage of Groundswell's

    Fighting for Collective Liberation

    With a powerful model for change, Groundswell Fund is proving that “when a foundation is run by and for those who come out of grassroots organizing, the giving looks different.” Across reproductive justice and nearly every major social issue, the Groundswell Fund team is supporting intersectional organizing and durable movements for progress. Teal is proud to support their work.

    Teal Media is a woman-owned full-service creative agency based in Washington, DC. We offer UX research, web design & development, brand strategy, and creative support to mission-driven and nonprofit partners. We believe purposeful design can transform organizations, inspire action, and enable progress.

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