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We can’t do this work without each other. And we’d love for you to join us.

Open Positions

  • Teal Media is seeking a Business Development Associate for a full-time remote position. As a key member of our Business Development team, you will work alongside with our senior leaders to help identify and cultivate new business opportunities, build relationships with potential clients, and contribute to the overall growth strategy.


  • Making great work? Having fun? Not mutually exclusive in our book.

    We want you to do good work and stick around for many years, so our benefits are designed to make that happen.

  • You don’t have to stay stateside. We’ve had folks work from Bali, Egypt, Ireland, Nigeria, Spain, and many other countries. Work wherever you’re most productive and comfortable.

  • Your professional development, your well-being, your choice. Fridays are set aside for heads-down work and learning something new. And if you've had a long week and need to reset, you’re welcome to log off as early as noon.

  • Arranging medical care for your loved one is rough, and mourning their loss is even harder. Our compassionate leave policy provides you with time and space when you need it.

  • Take the time you need, with AT LEAST 15 days per year. We encourage you to rest, recharge, and live a full life outside of work.

  • Teal is OOO the last week of December. Unplug for a while, and we’ll catch up with you in the new year.

  • We invest in your growth with an annual allowance of $1,500.

  • We offer comprehensive health coverage to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

  • Teal works with professional coaches to make sure our teammates have what they need to keep growing.

  • Negotiating a salary is the worst guessing game ever, so we don't play it. Transparent salary bands ensure equitable compensation across the agency.

  • Stevie the dog sitting at a desk, wearing a Teal bandana

    Our application process:

    We recruit thoughtfully and intentionally. From the first interview to the job offer, we’re secretly rooting for every candidate to be “the one.”

    1. Application review: If you love what we do and you’d like to work with us, send your resume and cover letter, and a little bit about yourself.
    2. Recruiter call: Your resume will be read by a real, live person(!). If there’s a match, we’ll schedule an exploratory call to discuss your experience.
    3. Team interviews: Next, you’ll meet with the hiring manager and prospective team members to dive into your technical skills and learn more about your previous roles.
    4. Peer conversation: This one’s optional, but it gives you a chance to meet with more members of the team to learn more about what your day-to-day might look like.
    5. Offer: Meet with our People Operations team to discuss Teal’s culture, benefits and salaries (see “Transparent Salary Bands,” above.)

    Our People

  • Diversity Matters. A lot.

    Our team’s perspectives are shaped by our lived experiences: the places we come from, the challenges we've overcome, and the lessons we've learned. Our work is much better as a result. And we won't settle for anything less.

    > 50% People of color

    We are proudly Black, Asian, and Latine—and our diversity extends to every department.

    50% Women

    We’re women-owned and women-led. That distinction led us to create a workplace that celebrates diverse workplaces and perspectives.

    20% Immigrants or first-generation Americans

    Teal is home to first-gen Americans from Colombia, Nigeria, Taiwan, Vietnam, and several other nations.

    10% LGBTQIA

    Our team members are passionate about LGBTQIA issues, a factor that fuels our work for PFLAG, Gender Justice, and Groundswell.

    Teal has an LGBTQIA+ employee resource group

    This group provides a safe environment for all employees, and support, education, and camaraderie for those who share a common identity. Find out more during the interview process.