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Our Values

Since Day One, Teal has served nonprofit clients determined to make the world a better place. Our values are baked into our work—and never taken for granted.

sticky notes of values

Jessica Teal founded our agency after leading design on Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign—and the values that put her there still fuel us today.

These values keep our employees happy, keep our clients satisfied, and keep us on the right track when we’re faced with difficult decisions. They come up when we plan for the year ahead, when we hire new people, when we see a team member struggling, and when we choose which clients to work with.


We push one other to do the best work for the causes we care about.


We’re always learning and challenging ourselves.


We aim to do what’s right—and sweat the details.


We’re accountable to ourselves, our teammates, and clients.


We’re down-to-earth and genuine in our interactions and conversations.