Creative with a Conscience

Teal Media is a woman-owned full-service creative and design agency with offices in Washington, DC and Detroit, MI.

We believe purposeful design combined with smart strategy and sensible technology can transform organizations, inspire action, and enable progress.


Our clients and nonprofit partners commit their lives to creating positive social change. We pour every ounce of our passion and skill into their success, because we, too, want the world to be a better place. We offer a variety of creative, strategic and technology services:

Brand Strategy

  • Audience & Market Research
  • Brand Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Design Systems
  • Brand Usage Guides
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Message Testing

Web Design & Development

  • UX Research
  • UX Design & Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Secure, Large-Scale Websites
  • Microsites
  • Open Source CMS (Wordpress and Drupal)
  • SEO & Site Maintenance
  • CRM and Third Party Integrations
  • App Design and Development
  • Website Usability Testing

Creative Support

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Data Visualizations & Infographics
  • Video Design & Production
  • Print Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Email Design
  • Digital and Print Annual Reports
  • Digital Ad Production
Our Approach

We craft solutions that are rooted in research, speak to your brand, engage your audience, and are easy for you to maintain and evolve as you grow.
Watch our video and find out how!

At Teal Media,
we live our values.

We pay our employees a fair wage, support our local Washington, DC and Detroit nonprofit communities, and are committed to narrowing the gender wage gap. We value our people above all else, and choose to work with partners who share those beliefs. Interested in joining us? Explore our open positions

  • Dedication
  • Empathy
  • Quality
  • Bravery
  • Humility
  • Accountability
  • Bravery
  • Dedication
  • Empathy
  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Quality
Group of 9 Teal Media team members posing together while on a team retreat in early 2019
Teal Media's Creative Director Aruna Mall and her daughter at the 2018 March for Life
Teal Media team poses while holding an axe at an axe throwing happy hour

We are a woman-owned and woman-led firm with a diverse staff (and a feisty vice president).

Jessica Teal


This work is my life’s purpose. We, at Teal, in partnership with our incredible clients, are doing our part to make the world a little better every day. There is nothing more rewarding.

Aruna Mall

Creative Director

Seeing our work out in the wild advancing the causes I believe in is incredibly fulfilling. In turn, modeling for my children that a mission-driven career is possible is icing on the cake!

Jason Yovanoff

Chief Technology Officer

Our clients are doing important, fulfilling work, and I love finding elegant solutions for their complex problems.

Liz Moderi

Director of Client Services

The groups we partner with are working to fix the world’s most pressing challenges. Their passion motivates me to do my best every day.

Peter Galletta

Peter Galletta

Director of Product

I love the progression of our work – from ideas and concepts we envision, being turned into tangible solutions, that are then put into great use by our clients.

Ryan Co

Art Director

Every organization has a unique story to tell about their work and impact. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help shape that narrative.

Katy Hinz

Art Director

Our clients work so hard to make the world a better place. I feel so fortunate to support their causes, while doing the kind of work I love.

Tyler Patton

Project Manager

I have an addiction to notebooks and checklists that equips our team with documentation and research to design solutions that users love.

Anna Hovland

Project Manager

I help organizations tell their most effective and authentic stories while also ensuring nothing falls through the cracks in production.

Ellen Yee


I love visual storytelling. Crafting brands for good people, places and causes is an extra special treat.

Diego Beauroyre

Senior Designer

I love providing creative solutions for non-profit organizations and cultural institutions. It couldn’t be more rewarding to be part of projects that work toward a better world.

Christine Edwards

Senior Designer

I find a lot of joy in making things. I love that I have the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to someone’s life with what I’ve helped create.

Ellen High


It's so fulfilling to contribute to such a wide range of great causes I care about, and I love watching our clients grow their impact.

Austin Whipple

Web Developer

I've spent my career at the intersection of technology and communications. I'm grateful to be able to put that knowledge to use helping our clients tell their stories with beautiful, usable, and maintainable websites.

Amelia Thompson

Front-end Developer & Designer

It's awesome to work with a variety of clients that are all striving to better society through thoughtful design and development projects.

Vinay Pallegar

Full-Stack Developer

There is nothing more satisfying than solving real-world problems with tech - and bringing people together through it.

Julius Schlueter

Operations Manager

The organizations we assist make a difference in this world. I am honored to work at a place that does the right thing.


Let’s work together!