The Archie Platform
Website, social media, and outreach to engage your audience...faster

Archie is an online platform that works great for nonprofits, startups and advocacy groups that need a website for their organization or campaign quickly and on budget.

Archie combines custom visual design and a hands-on approach with a set of great features to get you up and running fast. As part of your subscription, you get a custom designed website, setup and secure hosting. To help promote your site, we include social graphics and an email template to match.

No technical or design expertise needed! You bring the content and Archie takes care of the rest.

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Key Benefits

What separates Archie from the pack?

We have taken a decade’s worth of strategy, design and user experience expertise working with nonprofits and incorporated our learnings into Archie.

Unlike website builders or off-the-shelf templates, with Archie, we create a custom design and fully implement the website for you. We also work with you to organize and structure your content so that it makes sense for you and your audience.

Archie also includes purpose-built features like resource libraries, action hubs and news, as well as integrations with Mailchimp, EveryAction and Action Network.

  • Professional design
    Teal Media brings its trademark design experience to create a custom design for your Archie Site.
  • Fast Implementation
    An Archie site can be up and running in a matter of days. We know rapid response is important, and Archie is here to help.
  • Hands-on Service
    During the design and setup process, we work closely with you to craft a brand-aligned custom design, and we help to organize and structure your content.
  • Easy-to-Manage
    Archie is built on an industry-leading content management system, making content management a cinch.
  • Security
    Designed with sensitive content in mind, Archie uses best-in-class security measures and tools to make sure your site stays safe and secure.
  • Social media and email templates
    Archie includes a set of social media graphic templates and an email template to complement your new Archie website for a consistent brand experience across your social media channels.

Making life easier for you and your audiences

Archie is packed full of features for both your audience and your content managers. We design and set up the Archie website, but we also give you the power to add and remove features as your organization grows and goals evolve. All without the need to “code.” Just point and click, drag and drop to make changes to your content and layout.

Adaptable Navigation and Hero

The navigation can be customized and adapt to the taxonomy that best works for you. Adding and removing menu items is a breeze.

The hero area can accommodate a wide range of images, calls to action and layouts that work best for your organization.
Video, Photos and more

Archie has a wide variety of "components" that showcase rich media such as videos, slideshows, news feeds and more.
Take Action

Easily incorporate advocacy actions that are important to you and your audience. Archie integrates with leading donation, fundraising and supporter management platforms for a seamless experience for you and your users.
Highlight Content

Feature the content that matters most with a variety of layouts to fit your copy and messaging.
Integrated news

Archie includes a dynamically built "News" section that allows you to post news, press releases and insights from either your organization or outside sources.
Stay in Touch

Archie integrates tightly with your CRM, offering a variety of ways for you to acquire new users and keep them up to date.

Connected where it matters

Archie incorporates industry-leading volunteer management, fundraising and email marketing platforms to help you get started faster.

These integrations provide an improved workflow and seamless user experience, keeping your audience on your site to complete critical actions instead of sending them away to a 3rd party website.

If you are a new organization or just getting your campaign started, we can help help select the integrations that work best for you.


Some Recent Work

We've been busy

The Archie Platform works great for a variety of organizations — from startups to larger nonprofits that are launching a new initiative. Here are just a few recent examples of Archie in the wild.

Citizen Data

International Relief Corp

Our demo site showcasing the various features and capabilities of Archie.

Climate Power 2020

Organizing Together 2020

OT2020 used a series of Archie sites for each of their high priority state campaigns. Teal Media also designed and developed their national site,


A budget with a conscience

Archie is a subscription service that costs $10,000 for the first year. This includes:

  • Custom design for your Archie website
  • Setup and implementation
  • Email and social templates
  • 12 months of service (which covers hosting, systems maintenance and security)

After the first year, it is just $100/month.


Extra help when needed

Branding Lite

Teal Media also offers an optional branding service exclusively for Archie subscribers. This is great if you are just getting started or need a minor refresh of your brand.

Branding lite includes:

  • A custom designed text-based logo
  • Basic style guide that includes guidance on logo usage, color palette, and typography system

Branding lite is $5,000 and only available to subscribers of the Archie platform.

Design Support

Need ongoing visual design support beyond Archie? Teal Media has both rapid response and long-term packages that include everything from social graphics and animations, videos, digital ads, rally materials, large-scale projects, merch, and more.

Contact us to learn more about our design support packages.

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