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Headshot of Peter Galletta

Peter Galletta

Senior Director of Product & PM

he / him

Dog-person, “Master of None” fan, nature lover, handyman, tomfoolery enthusiast 

Peter leads Teal’s Archie Platform team, shaping product features and diving in to collaborate with clients. Peter has over 20 years experience creating online experiences from a variety of roles, ranging from  product design to product development to product management. He pulls from this diverse background to help steer the platform goals and to find new ways to for its users to engage their audience. Peter also leads Teal Media’s project management team, helping to guide process and methodologies to keep projects running on time (and budget).

Less is more.

Meet the next Tealer

Lyly Nguyen
Headshot of Lyly Nguyen

Lyly Nguyen

Senior Director of People & Culture

she / her

Cat mom, interior decorator, amateur Iron Chef, TV binge-er, thrifter