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Headshot of Lyly Nguyen

Lyly Nguyen

Senior Director of People & Culture

she / her

Cat mom, interior decorator, amateur Iron Chef, TV binge-er, thrifter

Lyly is a seasoned People Operations leader who has spent 13 years fostering her colleagues’ growth and championing progressive workplace cultures. Her professional journey has included work in big organizations (including a fortune 500 company) and many years guiding startups from their humble beginnings to becoming thriving mid-size entities.

Lyly is a proud alum of the University of Houston, where she honed her skills and laid the foundation for a career committed to excellence in HR and People Ops. As a second-generation immigrant, she’s had the privilege of navigating diverse landscapes from the heart of Houston and the creative hub of L.A., to the vibrant energy of NYC where she now lives.

Lyly is passionate about creating progressive, safe, and supportive work environments. At the core of her mission is a dedication to DEIB. She firmly believes that every individual brings a unique perspective, and by embracing these differences we can cultivate a workplace where everyone feels valued and included.

Just your friendly neighborhood cat lady. (queue Spider-Man theme song)

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Brandon Amey
Headshot of Brandon Amey

Brandon Amey

Senior Front-End Developer

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Foodie, traveler, fashion enthusiast, craft cocktail lover, Civil Rights advocate