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Beeck Center

Using data, tech, and policy to improve society—equitably
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The Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University funds fellows with deep experience across the public policy and technology sectors to pursue projects that will improve systems for equitable societal change. Projects range from financing immigrant and refugee integration to sharing data responsibly and improving child welfare.

Beeck Center partnered with Teal to raise awareness of their work, better tell their story of impact, and drive more interest and applications to the fellowship and student analyst program. The new website matches the ingenuity and impact of the Beeck Center’s projects, which have now touched over 262 million people in 35 U.S. states and territories.

The new website lifts up the stories and impact of the projects sparked and incubated at the Beeck Center—from a network of state Chief Data Officers, to projects to modernize Congress, to inclusive community impact investing and policymaking.

Practitioner-led, University-grounded

As projects at the Beeck Center develop and scale into the real world, they’re supported by an expert team that has done the work. This practitioner-led team understands the challenges of implementing these projects, providing invaluable mentorship and lived experience to translate big ideas into big impact—all within the stability and staying power of the 200+-year-old Georgetown University.

Together, Teal and the Beeck Center team created a website to the center to build awareness of their transformative systems-change work, inviting more Fellows, practitioners, funders, and policymakers to play a role in the impact that the Beeck Center is achieving.

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