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Headshot of Jason Yovanoff

Jason Yovanoff

Chief Technology Officer

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Old-home fixer-upper, anthropology nerd, The National stan, tech geek

Jason installed his first version of Linux when he was 14 (breaking his parents’ IBM PS1 in the process). He’s been diving into data in search of tech solutions ever since his first full-time role as systems and exhibits specialist at a Boston museum, right after college.

Jason has expert knowledge of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, LAMP, WordPress, Drupal, and many other programming languages, Content Management Systems, and Customer Relationship Management systems. As Chief Technology Officer, in addition to his development expertise, Jason collaborates with client teams on strategic, architecture, and infrastructure-related decisions. Jason has served as the lead developer for projects including the Center for American Progress, Public Citizen, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Rewire News Group, Smithsonian Institution, AFL-CIO, and Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

As a dev lead, it’s my job to figure out how to build the tools that fulfill the vision of Teal’s strategists and designers in a way that meets the needs of the clients—today and five years from now.

Meet the next Tealer

Peter Galletta
Headshot of Peter Galletta

Peter Galletta

Senior Director of Product & PM

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Dog-person, “Master of None” fan, nature lover, handyman, tomfoolery enthusiast