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Aruna Mall

Chief Creative Officer

she / her

Dip aficionado, student of quantum physics, world-traveler, Swiftie + Radioheadie

Aruna is a seasoned professional who has spent her entire 20+ year career in the digital design field. Being a first generation immigrant -she has a passion for the underdog, under-represented voices, and promoting global citizenship. Aruna guides Teal clients and teams through collaborative creative processes to produce inspiring, innovative, human-centric solutions that get results.

Aruna led the creative vision for a number of Teal clients including Amnesty International, the Council on Foreign Relations, CARE USA, TIME’S UP, the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP), Feed the Truth, GirlTrek, and Accion.

I love empowering Teal’s designers, so they have what they need to generate great ideas and shepherd their vision to its completion—so that our clients authentically express their mission to the rest of the world.

Meet the next Tealer

Jason Yovanoff
Headshot of Jason Yovanoff

Jason Yovanoff

Chief Technology Officer

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Old-home fixer-upper, anthropology nerd, The National stan, tech geek