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Headshot of Madie Graham

Madie Graham


she / they

Twin, thrifter, extrovert, Swiftie, songwriter

Madie is a communication designer―a multidisciplinary storyteller and creative. At Teal, she puts people and process first. She takes a strategic design approach through intentional research, open collaboration, and radical empathy. 

Madie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and a minor in Creative Writing from the College for Creative Studies. Prior to Teal, Madie wore many hats as a college kid, including daycare teacher, fast-food-line worker, data-entry assistant, and design intern. Madie participated in a variety of projects, including sponsored studios with Honda and the Detroit Historical Society. She centered her undergrad design work on forwarding social justice and change. 

Madie grew up in eight different states, but rooted herself in the good ol’ Midwestern mitten for the last decade. When not designing, she writes dramatic love songs on her guitar, pens equally dramatic poetry, listens to 10,000+ minutes of Taylor Swift, and spends every other waking moment with loved ones. In addition, Madie spends her time calling local representatives to demand change and challenge oppressive systems.

I’ve been told that I am a real-life Jessica Day—thrilled to be alive. Also, according to my friends, I dress like a bag of Skittles.

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