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Alan Greene

Front-End Developer

he / him

Drop Dead Diva diva, wormhole enthusiast, candle addict

Alan writes code gladly, plays drums badly, and reminisces sadly about his days making custom fonts for TV networks. He sees design and development as nearly inseparable, and relishes faithfully translating designers’ visions to screens big and small. He ran the Bolder Boulder 10K race with a custom-built Steadicam (twice), and hasn’t so much as quickened his pace since. In his free time, Alan enjoys gazing at his wall of filmmaking awards and writing about himself in the third person.

Peanut butter is a form of salad.

Meet the next Tealer

Harmony Hamilton
Headshot of Harmony Hamilton

Harmony Hamilton

UX Content Strategist

she / her

Self-starter, mentor, dog mom, Michael Jackson stan, collector of far too many cute pens