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Headshot of Harmony Hamilton

Harmony Hamilton

UX Content Strategist

she / her

Self-starter, mentor, dog mom, Michael Jackson stan, collector of far too many cute pens

Harmony brings her 7+ years of journalism, social media, and content strategy experience to Teal Media. Her goal is to help bridge the gap between design and content to make sure that users get clear, engaging information that advances the client’s goals.

Harmony has a wide range of skills and experience in various areas such as content planning, user research, information architecture development, copywriting, content population, web accessibility, SEO best practices, Google Analytics, and content governance. She believes that websites, social platforms, and other digital engagement tools are a crucial part of telling a client’s story—so audiences can quickly grasp the goals of the organization and what it stands for.

If an animal appears in a video call, you can assume I am no longer paying attention to anything anyone is saying.

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Joey Hernandez
Headshot of Joey Hernandez

Joey Hernandez


he / him

Plant whisperer, refined doodler, wannabe garage band hero, aspiring home chef, coffee bean sniffer