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Headshot of Liz Klarecki

Liz Klarecki

Senior Technical Strategist

she / her

Mountain biker, volcano summiter, general adventure seeker, puzzle nerd, mezcal enthusiast

Liz is a seasoned web developer with a decade of experience in the industry. She takes a user-centric approach to her development work, and is known for her polish and attention to detail.

Liz’s educational background includes both design and development. She approaches projects with a strategic mindset, and she’s always looking for ways to hone her skills. Liz has extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, SEO best practices, content migration, and accessibility standards. Liz is passionate about Women in Tech and facilitating inclusive environments, especially on web development teams.

Liz has been the lead developer on Teal projects including the Democratic Governors Association, Issue One, Reproductive Freedom for All, and Truth in Advertising. 

I’m driven by creating web experiences that are not only beautiful but effortless for our clients so they can focus on the great work they do.

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Headshot of Michael Launer

Michael Launer


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Maker, muscle-car aficionado, WordPress fanboy, community-creator