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Headshot of Erin Lawler

Erin Lawler

Project Manager

she / her

Baker, gamer, wannabe quilter, world traveler, dog lover, proud Milwaukee native

Erin’s journey began at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned a degree in Photography, then worked as a retoucher and went on to explore numerous roles in search of her true calling. Along the way, she helped plan digital campaigns for Nike and Disney and other household names, but Teal’s combination of purposeful design and smart strategy is where she discovered the perfect alignment of her skills and passion. 

Hailing from the heartland of Wisconsin, she brings with her the distinctive work ethic ingrained in the Midwestern culture. At Teal, Erin leads projects ranging from small-scale social graphics to 120-page reports for mission-driven organizations such as Amnesty International, CLASP, Economic Security Project, and Ultraviolet. In her role, she guides clients through the intricacies of each project, elevating their messages while also ensuring their thoughtful delivery.

Once someone told me how much they hate when people overuse exclamation points in their messages. I am that person. Sorry!

Meet the next Tealer

Sam Lee
Headshot of Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Senior UI / UX Designer

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