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Headshot of Isabel Levin

Isabel Levin

Senior Designer

they / she

Acrobat, pianist, crafter, hiker, camper-van traveller

Isabel is a bilingual graphic designer and illustrator specialized in social justice art and strategy. They established Teal’s first Employee Resource Group, for LGBTQIA+ employees. Isabel came to Teal with social design experience from Planned Parenthood, GLAAD, Ahora Psicoterapia (an addiction therapy practice in Spain), and the NYC design agency scene (where they also created and ran Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programming). Their work is informed by a deep commitment to activism and a dual degree in graphic design and gender studies from MICA.

At Teal, Isabel has been a lead designer on clients including Amnesty International, CLASP, Council on Foreign Relations, Economic Security Project, Rollins School of Public Health, SaverLife, and Ultraviolet. 

Isabel lives in Spain with their fiancé, where they are both circus artists and musicians in their free time. 

I’m passionate about using design to create systemic change that empowers marginalized communities and helping nonprofits and organizers make a tangible impact.

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Jason Liu
Headshot of Jason Liu

Jason Liu


he / him

Midtone-color enthusiast, city dweller, map nerd, pragmatic progressive