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Headshot of Jason Liu

Jason Liu


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Midtone-color enthusiast, city dweller, map nerd, pragmatic progressive

Jason Liu is a graphic designer with a background in grassroots progressive campaigns, digital strategy, and urban planning. Growing up, he split his time between Michigan and Shanghai, until he attended the University of Southern California, graduating with a degree in public policy and urban planning, while picking up design along the way.

Jason is passionate about using compelling design to fight back against systemic inequalities and solve the most critical issues of our time. Before joining Teal, he worked on design and digital strategy for BerlinRosen, David Kim for Congress, the Helena Foundation, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

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Dustin Maciag
Headshot of Dustin Maciag

Dustin Maciag

Art Director

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Elder emo, crafter, dungeon master, mascot-lover, cat dad