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Headshot of Dustin Maciag

Dustin Maciag

Art Director

he / him

Elder emo, crafter, dungeon master, mascot-lover, cat dad

Dustin is a jack-of-all-trades designer with an affinity for illustration. He loves a variety of disciplines, tinkering and gaining knowledge in diverse areas of design. When he’s not designing, he’s big into cooking, all things fantasy, post-punk, pro wrestling, korean bbq, retro anime, mythology, RPGs, and wrangling his two sphynx cats.

A maker for as long as he can remember, even when he didn’t really know what that was, his earliest memories were drawing comics and making cardboard playsets for his action figures. He has always had ideas and always wanted to make them tangible.

Dustin studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, achieving a BA in Fine Arts in 2010. Fun fact: Dustin was one of Teal’s original designers back in 2011—his first job; he went on to hone his design skills elsewhere but just couldn’t stay away, rejoining the team in in 2022. These days, he’s driving brand expansion, creating custom illustrations, and bringing events to life with some of our top digital advocacy clients like Amnesty International and the Motion Picture Association. 

I love hyping up my friends and co-workers. Design is about problem-solving, but there is technically no 100% ‘correct’ solution. It’s so fun to work with other designers and see other points of view.

Meet the next Tealer

Lexi Marron
Headshot of Lexi Marron

Lexi Marron

Social Media Strategist

she / her

Sweet tooth, puzzler, board-gamer, book nerd, first-gen college grad