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Hidden Pain

Surrounding Children Who Lost Family to COVID with Help and Hope
Caregiver playing with young children outside.

Beyond the headlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and our nation’s deep desire to move on, there’s a hidden impact from our nation’s deadliest modern health crisis. For more than 200,000 children in America who have lost parents, family members, caretakers, role models, and providers to the virus, getting back to “normal” is not an option.

Teal partnered with COVID Collaborative to launch Hidden Pain, an initiative to honor children that have lost a caregiver to COVID-19, and provide resources to help them and their families as they rebuild and look to the future. Created with our Archie platform, Hidden Pain brings together community organizations, grief groups, government resources, and more to surround these families with help and remind them, “you’re not alone.”

Teal worked quickly to help the COVID Collaborative meet a timely moment with a beautiful brand and a powerful Archie website ahead of a high-visibility feature on the TODAY Show.

Visual Identity

  • Creating a Hopeful and Approachable Brand

    As the only group dedicated to supporting American children who have lost a caregiver to the COVID pandemic, Hidden Pain needed to speak effectively to many different audiences. Teal created a visual identity for the project that balances the need to be friendly, uncomplicated, and helpful to caregivers and families while projecting its foundation of research and evidence to policymakers and donors. The result is a bright, human-focused design that’s hopeful and professional—because these kids need to know that America stands behind them.

    Collage of Hidden Pain brand graphic elements and photos of smiling people
    Web design in browser on a dark navy background. Text reads,

    Today Show Feature

    The TODAY Show featured Hidden Pain alongside the brave stories of children whose lives have been forever changed by the pandemic. To find support and learn how you can help by volunteering or donating, visit

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