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Headshot of Ellen Yee

Ellen Yee

Art Director

she / her

Bunny lover, sports nut, crossword puzzler, dim-sum advocate, quiet troublemaker

Ellen has more than 10 years of experience in the creative industry. She specializes in crafting brand identities—from consumer packaged goods to nonprofit organizations.

Ellen finds joy representing big concepts in their purest, most impactful form. She brings high-level critical thinking, design wit and a curious spirit to every partnership and collaboration.

During her time at Teal, Ellen has been the lead brand designer for clients including Abigail Disney, PFLAG, MADRE, and Musicians on Call.

I like to walk through neighborhoods and count the number of wild rabbits I see—an informal Bunny Census, if you will. While vacationing in Milwaukee, I spotted 62—my all-time high.

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Jessica Teal

Jessica Teal


she / her

State champion sheep showman, dance-team captain, elite social club entrepreneur, puppy-obsessed puppy lover