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Taking on the NRA

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  • Website Design & Development

Guns Down formed in the summer of 2016 shortly after the Pulse shooting to demand policies that move the country toward a future with fewer guns. They employ a combination of bold digital and on-the-ground campaigning with a sophisticated media strategy and strong partnerships to drive their agenda.

Guns Down partnered with Teal in 2016 to design the website for the new organization. We created a site that introduces the organization, features its campaigns, and actively monitors and updates supporters about the issue.

Collage of page designs for the website

Page designs include the homepage, blog landing page, and a blog post.

Image of customized campaign pages

To make each campaign visually unique, we developed the Guns Down website to have custom controls of what each can look like. They can upload a main image and an inline that displays within the body of the campaign. There is also flexibility in selecting a background and button color, which allowed Guns Down to make the successful FedEx campaign use some of its brand colors to more closely tie the issue with the company.


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