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Amnesty International USA

Taking injustice personally
Amnesty supporters welcoming refugees
Amnesty social posts covering various issues

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 10 million people who take injustice personally. When Amnesty launches human rights campaigns, Teal Media creates the campaign visuals that bring each fight for justice to life online. As Amnesty’s creative partner, Teal regularly pushes to expand their visual brand—beyond yellow and black—with new styles, colors, and animations that communicate Amnesty’s message in an inclusive, captivating, and engaging way.

Mood board options showing various visual directions
Image highlighting the fantastic relationship between Teal and Amnesty.

Trust in Action

Collaboration and trust is critical in a strong creative partnership. This foundation allows Teal to push the creative boundaries of our work. We are not afraid to
experiment and iterate to showcase the bravery of Amnesty’s work.

And others are taking note.

In 2022, we won Silver in the prestigious 2022 Anthem Awards for our collective efforts in driving awareness through human and civil rights campaigns.

Clemency for Leonard Peltier

Critical Campaigns

Mobilizing volunteers and activists for coordinated campaigns are at the heart of Amnesty’s fight for human rights. One example of this is our campaign for Clemency for Leonard Peltier. Together with Amnesty, we issued calls-to-action for human rights supporters to use their collective power to urge President Biden to free Leonard Peltier, who has been imprisoned for more than 50 years.

Collage of styles and graphics from the Clemency for Leonard Peltier campaign


  • For the past several years, Teal has provided branding and design support for Amnesty’s premiere event – the Annual General Meeting (AGM). AGM 2023 was the first time since COVID that the Amnesty community was able to to come together in an in-person setting. Teal needed to reflect that moment in the look-and-feel for the event. We needed to convey the energy of Amnesty volunteers and activists and exude a spirit of togetherness and coming home.

    Custom neon sign created for AGM 2023

    The visual identity we developed for AGM23 is rooted in the concept of activation—much like a neon sign being turned on and its brightness fills the room. We doubled down on this concept with a neon-esque color palette and simple geometric shapes that resemble neon art. In addition to the overall brand for the event, Teal created the conference swag, signage, and take-away materials.

    In-depth collage of various AGM 2023 collateral, from ID badge to merch and powerpoint slides, mixed with candid shots from the event.

    Amnesty knows they can’t be successful or accomplish their mission without the support of their volunteers and activists. That’s why our evergreen brand-building campaigns show their faces, raise their voices, share their words, and highlight their victories.

    Graphic highlighting various award carousels in a unifying style

    In addition to building Amnesty’s brand, creating campaigns, and supporting events, Teal produces everything from protest signs, action toolkits for partners, donor support cards, custom illustrations, the swaggiest of swag, and more.

    Bottom line: Teal is in lock-step with our partners at Amnesty, always ready to tell the next story, build the next movement, and
    transform online energy into offline action.

    We are 100% committed to our partnership with Amnesty and the fight for justice everywhere.

    Visual treatment showing motifs and keyframes from the Amnesty values video

    Teal transcends "design partner." They transform our academic discourse into accessible, compelling stories—always with care and sensitivity. Ever-ready for global crises, they're our steady hand, swiftly deploying impactful work. Our events and campaigns come alive with their branding magic. We're beyond grateful for their invaluable combination of creative depth and pinpoint efficiency.

    Lauren Murphy

    Multimedia Manager

    Amnesty International USA

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