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Brooklyn Org

An updated site for everyone who cares about Brooklyn.

Big Changes for the Biggest Foundation in the Biggest Borough

Brooklyn Community Foundation is the first and only public foundation for Brooklyn—New York City’s largest and proudest borough of nearly 3 million people.

When the organization decided to radically rethink how it serves its community, its leaders decided to move away from its old corporate brand identity toward something that feels “more Brooklyn.” After NY agency Mother created a warmer, more human brand, the group asked Teal to execute on that vision with a website that fulfills its promise.


Because “Brooklynites are the experts on Brooklyn”

Brooklyn Org believes Brooklynites are the experts on Brooklyn, so the foundation engages directly with community members, advocates, and experts to identify pressing issues and identify the most effective approaches and promising new ideas.

The biggest goals for the biggest group working on the biggest borough? Create the go-to community for everyone interested in giving in Brooklyn, whether they’re able to give $5 or $5 million. Grow site visitors by an ambitious 10X. And increase the numbers of actions users take—including email sign-ups, donations, and event registrations.

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Raising Funds, Fostering Community

While the old site had a singular focus on raising money, the new site is about community—illustrating how the borough’s people and its neighborhoods come together to make Brooklyn Brooklyn.

To tell those stories and identify the organization’s impact, the new site makes it much easier for users to sift through grants by cause and community, and design templates make it simple for staff to create social-media posts that match the site’s sophisticated design.

We’ve received phenomenal feedback from our board and others about the site—the response has truly been incredible. Thank you all for your diligent efforts across this process, the site is such a beautiful thing to behold (and I’m not saying that as a nerd, despite my use of the word “behold”).

Jameela Syed

Communications Manager

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