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Reproductive Freedom for All

A fresh look for a seasoned leader in the fight for abortion rights and reproductive freedom.
Latinx, Black and Asian-American women stand in protest holding reproductive freedom signs at a rally for Reproductive Freedom for All.

After 75 years fighting for Americans’ reproductive freedom, NARAL Pro-Choice America came to Teal with a big challenge: A new name. Reproductive Freedom for All (RFA). They’d already created the new brand. Now they needed a new website and a new design system to express it to their audiences. Adding to the degree of difficulty? That new brand had to expand their connection to Gen Z without distancing them from long-time supporters.

They wanted the site launched in three months. We wanted to know how fast we could get started.
A Gen Z, non-binary, mixed-raced person with a label

Rising Rebels and Legacy Fighters

Working closely with RFA’s design agency, Teal created a fresh identity that resonates with new activists and seasoned advocates alike.

Teal began the process by developing a strategy and sharing several mood boards—crafting a visual design system that speaks directly to Gen Z while ensuring existing supporters still feel at home.

A collage of visual brand inspiration for the new Reproductive Freedom for All website design.

Our strategy focused on key content sections that encouraged diverse audiences to take action and participate in events. This meant building a solid framework that could accommodate future additions, all while adhering to an ambitious timeline.

Reproductive Freedom for All needed a website that resonated with its distinct audiences while making it easier for visitors to take action.

A collage of visual brand applications for the new Reproductive Freedom for All website design.

Reproductive Freedom for All doesn’t provide reproductive health services, which allows them to speak in a bolder, louder way. Teal helped the org lean into this side of their messaging.

Two Asian American Gen Z women smile holding signs, above a headline that reads

Our collaboration with RFA was about more than name change; it was about redefining their message: The “Path to Freedom” page lays it out clearly.

A website UI component with visual cards that slide left to right.

Reproductive Freedom for All wanted a digital experience where all are welcome and can see themselves reflected in the journey.

A photo of 3 people holding pro-choice rally signs, over 3 statistics about reproductive freedom.

Bold and simple designs communicate vital statistics while staying true to RFA’s signature purple theme.

A photo of a young woman with a reproductive freedom rally sign, next to a newsletter signup box.

Supporters can sign up to receive updates through their preferred channels.

Teal’s partnership with RFA extends beyond the rebrand: We’ve created a roadmap full of new features and functionality so RFA’s small internal team can learn from data, make faster decisions, and persuade more Americans to vote for long-held freedoms.

A collage of UI elements and photos from the Reproductive Freedom for All website design
A collage of mobile website designs for the Reproductive Freedom for All website

Teal was invaluable in helping us get a fresh, user-focused website live under a tight turnaround timeline. The entire team was invested in our project, and we were incredibly impressed with how communicative, organized and transparent they were throughout the project. They were strong thought partners who encouraged us to be strategic and principled in order to create the website we wanted in a short amount of time.

Emily Perlstein

Deputy Digital Director

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