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University of Chicago

New websites for the University of Chicago’s Urban Labs program, focused on crime and education.

University of Chicago’s Crime Lab evaluates innovative policies and programs that address gun violence and criminal justice, in the hope of scaling what works. And its Education Lab identifies new approaches that personalize teaching with a focus on diverse student populations. Housed under the university’s Urban Labs program, both divisions were hamstrung by sites that made it difficult for policymakers, funders, and press to quickly access critical information. And that hurdle made it harder to drive change in the public sector.

After U. Chicago’s in-house team updated the Labs’ brand, Teal was brought in to clarify site navigation, provide visual impact, and make content like reports, slide decks, data visualizations, and press releases easy to find.

mobile views

Incorporating icons, combining content types

Teal’s design solution included two sites built with one design system, and colors that correspond to each lab.

We also included custom icons that break content into discrete categories for readers, using abstract linework to reflect key themes.

To provide a pathway for users to explore the breadth of the Labs’ work, we designed components that combined different content types, such as projects and resources.


A Better Way to Tell Stories, and Change the Narrative

The new sites now showcase the labs’ work in ways that are more accessible to a wide variety of stakeholders, so that visitors immediately know what they do (and don’t do), what type of research they conduct, and what projects they’re working on. Audiences already have a much better understanding of the value the labs provide to Chicago—and the outcomes of turning their research into practice.

Below, the new sites’ much friendlier “magazine” feel, with key data points, data visualizations and research findings.

uchicago crime lab views

Expanding the Vision

After Teal designed the websites for the Crime and Education Labs, we continued to work with U. Chicago to design collateral, including stationery, Powerpoint templates, report templates, and a data visualization style guide.

collateral collage for University of Chicago

Our team’s experience was nothing short of exceptional. Teal embodied creativity, flexibility, thoughtfulness, and a solutions-oriented approach that made the entire process not just productive but also enjoyable. The final product they delivered exceeded our expectations and has undeniably elevated all our communication efforts.

Sarah Rand

Sarah Rand

Director of Public Affairs, University of Chicago Crime Lab and Education Lab

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Teal Media helped HHMI reimagine the way they present their work to help them better tell their story and provide easy access to the opportunities that are right for them.