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Helen Diller Family Foundation: Teen Fellows + Tikkun Olam Awards

Refreshing the way young people engage with a set of program websites

The Helen Diller Family Foundation supports several programs that lift up the work of young people who are changing the world. Teal helped the Foundation to redesign two of their program websites to create an engaging experience that reflects the organization’s brand, values, and priorities.

Collage of both Diller Teen Fellows and Tikkun Olam Awards homepages.

Diller Teen Fellows

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  • Bringing Jewish teen leaders together for a year of learning and connection

    The Diller Teen Fellows program is a year-long program that brings together teens from 32 countries to explore their Jewish identities and become activated as leaders. Teal created a new site for the Diller Teen Fellows program that reflects the vibrancy, dynamism, and joy that these teen leaders bring to the program and infuse into their communities.

    The site we created lets users explore videos, testimonials, and profiles of current and former Fellows to better understand what it’s like to experience the program. The mobile-optimized experience clearly demonstrates the international reach that the program has, and it makes it easy for potential Fellows to learn more about the application process and access the application.

    Collage showing the Hellen Diller Teen Fellows homepage and interior pages, including the Fellows listing page, Individual fellow page and individual team page.
    Hebrew version of the individual fellow page.

    Building a truly global experience

    Israeli teens and their families are a key target audience for the Teen Fellows program, so we knew we needed to ensure that the site could display in Hebrew as well as English. Teal’s flexible, component-based design system meant we were able to incorporate additional fonts and accommodate for the right-to-left nature of the Hebrew language without having to create a separate Hebrew site.

    Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards

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  • Empowering young leaders to build a better world.

    The Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards program honors teens who have made meaningful impact in demonstrating the values of tikkun olam, or repairing the world. While this site shares the same foundational brand guidelines as the Diller Teen Fellows site, we knew we needed to bring more gravitas to the design, as this program is more serious and professional in nature.

    One of the site’s primary goals was to make it very easy for potential applicants to understand what it takes to receive a Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award. And a key part of building this understanding is to paint a clear picture of what previous awardees have accomplished. So we spent a lot of time crafting an experience that showcases past awardees, with filters that allow users to sort recipients by location and cohort. The “Award Recipients” section feels editorial and polished to reflect the significant impact these impressive teens have made.

    Collage showing the Tikkun Olam Awards page homepage and interior pages, including the Awardee listing page, Awardee filtering and individual awardee page.
    Image shows the Tikkun Olam Award Apply page which explains the application process, deadlines and steps to apply.

    Making the process easy to understand

    Our early discovery and research with past awardees made it clear that the new website needed to provide a lot more clarity around the application process, including key dates to be aware of, and what supporting materials need to be included in an application.

    Teal designed an “Apply” section that clearly lays out eligibility requirements; key dates to be aware of; and a comprehensive list of FAQs. By building a visual timeline and breaking the process down into small chunks, we were able to make the various steps and criteria easy to understand and digest.

    Graphic with the Helen Diller quote:

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