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Home Planet Fund

Led by locals, inspired by trust.
Ladies planting sugarcane in Fiji

Home Planet Fund was founded in 2022 by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, with a $20 million donation and a promise to fight the climate crisis by supporting Indigenous Peoples and local communities who are already doing the work through nature-based solutions. Home Planet Fund’s grants are based on trust—100% of funds go to the communities, with no reporting or proof of impact required.

Home Planet Fund’s Executive Director, Dilafruz Khonikboyeva, reached out to Teal to partner on creating the digital ecosystem for this brand new organization.

HPF logo

Brand Extension

Teal and Home Planet Fund hit the ground running—as a new organization, HPF needed more than just a website. While they worked on creating their Board of Directors and operations, Teal began collaborating with their brand designer, Kamilia Kulinova, to bring the Home Planet Fund to life.

collage of Home Planet Fund designs and photos

Home Planet Fund is a different kind of philanthropy and its brand visually asserts this difference through bold typography and layouts that are slightly unexpected. Every decision was carefully considered—from the typeface that captured the personality of the brand, to the specific photographs selected to showcase HPF’s grantee regions—Teal was a strategic partner from the ground up.

Website and digital marketing strategy

  • website image of a program listing page
    collage of social media graphics

    As Teal and Home Planet Fund established these structures, Teal also began wireframing and designing a new website and developing a full digital marketing strategy. By leading HPF’s long-term strategy, Teal had a unique opportunity to manage all of their digital channels. This allowed for a cohesive plan for email, social, paid, and campaigns.

    Our work with Home Planet Fund, similar to their relationship with their programs, is fully based on trust. We are so privileged to work with a client who is incredibly passionate and extremely thoughtful about every decision— and trusted Teal to be their partner every step of the way to launch.

    I can’t imagine building Home Planet Fund without the team at Teal. They’re not only great at what they do, they were thought partners in developing our brand, voice, and vision. They are a core part of our organization.

    Dilafruz Khonikboyeva

    Executive Director

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