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Advancing the Iconic PFLAG Brand

Revitalizing a Brand that Advocates for People

As the nation’s first and largest organization focused on supporting and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them, PFLAG has their fingerprints all over our nation’s progress toward LGBTQ+ rights. PFLAG today is an inspiring alliance of LGBTQ+ people, parents, families, and allies committed to creating a caring, just, and affirming world for their community.

When it became clear that PFLAG’s brand and website did not keep up with the people-powered progress of its hundreds of chapters and more than 325,000 members, they reached out to Teal for support. And we got to work—together.

A collage of history photos from LGBTQ+ rights marches and protests.

A Deep History of Leading with Love

Founded by mother, Jeanne Manford, and her gay son, Morty, PFLAG has a 50-year story rooted in family, community, and a commitment to leading with love. They were the first national LGBTQ+ organization to mandate the full inclusion of transgender people as part of its expressed mission statement.

They fight for equality, for justice, for health, for kids and families—and they’re in it for the long haul. That rich history of powerful advocacy paired with love—fierce love, compassionate love—drives the new PFLAG brand.

Discovery & Brand

  • Building an Iconic, Flexible Brand

    Our work began with a deep discovery process that led us to a full reimagining of PFLAG’s messaging, mission and vision, and tagline. Keeping the equity of this storied brand, we brought out their core values of accountability, bravery, community and collaboration, inclusivity and belonging, and growth, and paired them with a powerfully simple new tagline:

    Leading with Love.

    In the words of the PFLAG team, “Love is what brings people to PFLAG. It urges and inspires us, empowers us, and rouses our courage. In every sense, PFLAG is always leading with love.”

    The visual identity flowed naturally from that insight: an iconic heart in the megaphone-like “A,” a distinctive sans serif type, and a memorably strong mark that pairs with myriad backgrounds, photos, and color treatments.

    Pink dot texture and heart icon with the phrase
    A collage of photos and graphics for the PFLAG brand design
    A design with vertical PFLAG logo framing a photo of two LGBTQ+ people smiling at the camera.
    A visual collage of the PFLAG pastel color palette and LGBTQ+ heart icons

    Brand Materials

  • Launching a Brand “Sandbox” for PFLAG Chapters

    PFLAG’s hundreds of local chapters span size and geography. But the experience that LGBTQ+ people and their families had with that first chapter touchpoint was often too fragmented and inconsistent with the national brand.

    Our charge was clear: Give these chapters lots of love and attention through a “sandbox” of brand materials—from a logo builder and unique color palette to Canva templates and custom regional icons. The team also invested in training, showing chapter leaders how to find resources in a private section of the site, and how to create compelling content using the templates, free brand fonts, and more.

    Paired with new chapter-specific landing pages, the result is a bold new way for local chapters to run with the new brand and personalize it to match the spirit and identity of their local community. What’s more, it all adds to a brand that feels cohesive and joyful—from the smallest local chapter all the way to the unified national organization.

    A grid of PFLAG chapter logos and their respective state badges.
    Chapter and National graphic with floral icons in the middle.
    Tiled grid of PFLAG social square images.
    Close up of two social square image designs.
    PFLAG icons and collage of chapter brand elements.


  • Creating a Website That’s Alive with Personality

    Our website process started with the question: “How do you make updates to the site? And how is it working for your federated organization?” The previous site lived on Drupal and had become messy and unorganized with time and many authors. Teal started from scratch on WordPress to build one site, with a common atomic design system and feature set, to power the next phase of PFLAG’s growth. Key features:

    • Resource focus: From the “I want to…” drop-down front and center to the plain language prompts (I’m New, I’m in Crisis, etc.), the new site is oriented around approachable resources customized for different audiences and needs.
    • Chapter leader section: These tools are specifically designed to help start, lead, and grow local PFLAG chapters.
    • Chapter websites: Coming soon, these customizable chapter websites help current and prospective members find their people.
    • Straight for Equality: This separate-but-connected website for PFLAG’s key program supports training and education for allies committed to creating diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplaces and communities.
    A comp of the PFLAG website homepage design.
    A collage of webpage designs for the PFLAG National website
    Pattern with PFLAG logo and tagline on dark green

    Digital Marketing

  • Horizontal banner of PFLAG Twitter post designs.

    #PFLAGProud on Social

    With the brand and new website launched and a 50th anniversary ahead, Teal partnered with PFLAG to showcase the new brand message through organic social and a focused digital marketing plan. Our work includes:

    • Editorial strategy for 50th anniversary
    • Organic social content development
    • Email strategy and design
    • Ongoing chapter support

    Follow @pflag to see this work in action!

    A collage of featured PFLAG Instagram posts
    PFLAG Instagram social post collage featuring PFLAG's founder Jeanne and historic pins/buttons throughout PFLAG's history
    A collage of PFLAG Instagram posts revolving around Historic themes and Black Queer individuals throughout history.

    Next Project

    Groundswell Fund
    A Black father and mother stand up against each other, while their smiling child holds the mom's pregnant belly.

    Groundswell Fund

    Teal partnered with Groundswell Fund to help them bring their work to life through a pair of dynamic sites that showcase how they build grassroots power.