A New Brand for a Team-Building Organization

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity

Teal Media worked with DevelopWell to craft a visual identity that authentically communicates who DevelopWell is, reflects their values, and establishes a foundation that a growing organization can build upon.


Identifying Key Brand Attributes

When DevelopWell approached Teal, they were a fairly new organization that hadn’t had the time or bandwidth to take a considered approach to their brand. As the organization began to grow, it was time to add some polish and introduce a visual brand that better reflects the work that DevelopWell does. That’s when they turned to Teal.

We began our work together by conducting a series of Discovery exercises to identify the features and attributes that are core to who DevelopWell is. By the end of our Discovery phase, we built a list of key brand values and crafted an overall brand statement that served as a guidepost for the rest of our work: “Strike a balance between head and heart that makes people feel strong, optimistic, and happy.”

Discovery exercises with the client included brainstorming and grouping brand attributes, and discussing reference images.

Bringing it Together

The logo calls upon the balance of head and heart with a shift in lineweight between the two words in the logo. Curved serifs allude to the journey that each DevelopWell client takes on the path to creating strong teams and effective leaders.

A focus on people

DevelopWell puts people first, with a focus on lifting up the unique strengths and opportunities that each individual brings to the table. The visual brand we created needed to communicate that DevelopWell is an organization that listens, supports, and empowers people as they strive to achieve their goals.

We introduced a font that feels handwritten to reflect the intimate, human-centric nature of DevelopWell's work.

The soft color palette feels open and inclusive to reflect DevelopWell's values.

The identity Teal created provides DevelopWell with a new visual identity that authentically reflects who they are, and creates a foundation for them to build upon over time as the organization grows and scales.

The Teal team truly helped us hone our identity and produced a beautiful brand and collateral to launch our growing business. Their process and end products were wonderful and we are so grateful that they turned our dreams and ideas into a reality.

Lola Elfman
Founder & CEO, DevelopWell Headshot of Lola Eflman standing outside in front of some green trees, smiling for the camera.

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