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Abundant Futures Fund

Igniting progress on immigration
Collage of Abundant Futures Fund web compoinent designs

Abundant Futures Fund is a new donor collaborative focused on raising an unprecedented $100 million for immigrant justice. They believe that we can work together toward a future where everyone, from immigrants and those born in the U.S., can live with safety, dignity, and opportunities to flourish.

Abundant Futures Fund wanted a brand new website to help them establish their identity and convey credibility, abundance, energy, and possibility. Teal partnered closely with their team to create an organizational website that helps them to connect with donors to widen the circle of philanthropic allies who support the immigrant justice movement and immigration issues.

The website we created together is designed to inspire potential donors to see themselves as part of the solution on immigration, and provide clear and quick pathways to connect with the AFF team.

The website opens with a highly narrative and visual homepage that tells the story of what a fairer immigration system could look like, how the issue affects all of us, what the state of philanthropic funding is, and how to join and contact Abundant Futures Fund to change the course of immigration in the United States.

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