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Headshot of Austin Whipple

Austin Whipple

Technical Director

he / him

World traveler, gamer, runner, log-home dweller, pitchfork-wielder

Austin has nearly 20 years of experience working on the web. From learning management and website tech support, to communications management, to web development, Austin’s expertise spans the entire lifecycle of a website. He not only has knowledge of modern HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress best practices, but also knows what it takes to make sure a website is easy to use for site visitors and easy to maintain for administrators.

Austin has served as the lead developer for Teal projects including sites for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, CAP and CAP Action, I AM ALS, Public Interest Network, Voto Latino, and Women Moving Millions.  

Before joining Teal, Austin worked in nonprofit communications and as an IT specialist at Boston University. He studied philosophy in college. and consistently strives to find applicable uses for that knowledge, but got a Masters in mass communications just in case.

Meet the next Tealer

Ellen Yee
Headshot of Ellen Yee

Ellen Yee

Art Director

she / her

Bunny lover, sports nut, crossword puzzler, dim-sum advocate, quiet troublemaker