Reproaction is a direct-action nonprofit organization aiming to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. Reproaction is not afraid to take an aggressive stance, incite necessary action, make bold moves, and develop strong partnerships that build support for reproductive rights.

“Teal Media is a top-notch, progressive, woman-owned design and development firm. They are responsive, produce great work, and are strategic thought partners. We love to work with them.”

Erin Matson

Reproaction Co-Founder/Co-Director

The Beginning

Reproaction was a 2-year old organization with a ‘starter’ website that provided basic information. Over time, they increased their capacity and were ready to double-down on their engagement and advocacy efforts -- that’s when they turned to Teal. We had 3 primary goals in mind for our work together:

  1. Clearly communicate Reproaction's mission and vision
  2. Establish Reproaction as the go-to direct action organization for advancing reproductive justice
  3. Provide activists and donors with easy access to resources and ways to get involved

We kicked off our engagement by getting to know Reproaction -- we dug into their history, got a sense of their personality, and learned about their strategic goals. Through our Discovery process, we learned that bold, direct action is the essence of who Reproaction is -- thus, our overall strategy needed to reflect this. We didn’t just need to integrate action into every component of the new website -- we needed to do it strategically, in ways that create logical pathways to move people up the ladder of engagement, from casual visitor to committed activist.

The Transformation

Informed by our background research and working in lockstep with their team, we transformed Reproaction's simple brochure website into a powerful direct action platform.

Here’s how we did it:

We designed a visually-bold, in-your-face homepage that inspires a sense of urgency around Reproaction's work, with clear calls-to-action

We took a mobile-inspired approach. Our research revealed that close to 70% of Reproaction's site visitors were accessing the website via mobile devices. With our users in mind, we created a mobile-optimized design that has an interactive “app-like” feel. We introduced swipe-able content, live social media feeds, and a mobile-inspired navigation menu. This innovative design approach not only speaks to the ‘revolutionary’ aspect of the Reproaction brand, but it also makes the Reproaction site stand out from the crowd of more ‘traditional’ nonprofit website designs.

We introduced a ‘live video alert’ feature. Reproaction's work is direct and on-the-ground, and often takes the form of rallies and protests. We needed to show this work in real-time so supporters could easily join in-person or participate online. When site visitors click on the video alert they are brought to an embedded Facebook Live streaming video of the event. A call-to-action directly related to the video also displays on the page. That way, when supporters are inspired by what they’re seeing and experiencing in real-time, they’re only a click away from taking action.

We introduced campaign 'hub' pages. Reproaction takes a comprehensive approach to achieving reproductive justice -- thus, their campaigns are multi-faceted. Different supporters choose to get involved in different ways, so Reproaction needs to meet supporters on their terms. The campaign pages serve as the “hub” for all information relating to each individual campaign. This means that all actions, videos (live or past), social media conversations (pulled in by the campaign hashtag), shareable social media graphics, Instagram feeds, events and webinars, news, and blog posts associated with an individual campaign are highlighted on a single page, making it easy for Reproaction to communicate the full breadth and scale of each campaign.

We created a state campaign bar that connects site visitors with campaigns taking place in or near where they live. Reproaction has several different campaigns taking place on the ground in different areas of the country. They wanted to demonstrate that visually without wasting space on the site with an interactive map. The solution we crafted allows Reproaction to quickly add and remove states on their own, without changing the code on the page. Clicking the individual state brings site visitors directly to specific actions for that state.

“Action is at the heart of what we do, and Teal Media gets it. They gave us a solid mix of the ability to do cool things like livestream direct actions from our homepage, as well as created campaign pages that promote action and link to related blog and social media content. In particular, we appreciate that they built the backend so that we are able to easily make changes to things like the states where we have actions, as we are a new and growing organization.”

Erin Matson

Reproaction Co-Founder/Co-Director

We also included the following features in our solution:

  • Shareable, branded social graphics for each Reproaction campaign
  • A back-end solution that’s easy for Reproaction staff to maintain and update on the fly
  • A Resources section that acts as a “toolkit” for their on-the-ground supporters
  • Easy-to-update Press and Blog sections that enable Reproaction to provide quick updates, keeping their content fresh and dynamic and providing additional fodder for their social media channels.

But most importantly….

Reproaction knew that their work wasn’t over when the website launched. To maximize the investment they just made, and to make sure that the website was working in conjunction with the rest of their digital properties, they couldn’t just “set it and forget it.” That’s why they decided to partner with Teal for the long-term.

Teal conducts regular quarterly website audits where we dig into the data of how real people are interacting not only with the website, but with Reproaction's broader digital properties. We dive deep into the analytics on the website, social media channels, email activity, and form completions on their CRM. We then analyze that data to make informed decisions and recommendations about how Reproaction can push their website to its fullest potential. With strategic guidance from Teal, the team at Reproaction is able to steadily grow into their new site, making data-driven improvements and enhancements along the way.

In addition to feature and functionality improvements, we also conduct regular security updates and infrastructure maintenance. The disruptive, no-nonsense nature of Reproaction's work can make their website vulnerable to hacks, so we’ve instituted strong security and privacy measures to provide them with an extra layer of protection.

“As a start-up direct action group on the front lines, we knew we needed a sophisticated level of support and that money invested in maintaining an ongoing relationship with Teal Media would prevent us from encountering numerous problems down the road. It’s been great to have their advice on how to keep our work secure, optimizing and improving our new site as we begin to see it put into use, and providing suggestions for how we can amplify our impact. It’s incredible peace of mind to know the skilled and responsive Teal team has got our back whenever we need it.”

Erin Matson

Reproaction Co-Founder/Co-Director

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