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Aruna Mall
Jessica Teal
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The Mission Continues' website was old. The site's structure made it hard for the organization to show how they've grown in recent years, and it didn't position them to make progress on their goal to engage 1,000 new veterans and reach more than 2 million people by 2021. They needed a fresh start. 

Our Solution

Together, Teal and The Mission Continues created a streamlined experience that elevates opportunities for people to get involved by registering to volunteer, showing their support, and making a donation. The new website uses active photography and a re-imagined user experience to better communicate the way that The Mission Continues empowers veterans to continue their service, and empowers communities with veterans' talent.

One of the biggest challenges The Mission Continues had was to explain how they are structured – through a series of city-based “platoons” that enable veterans and community members to get involved on the ground where they live. They also wanted to make it easier for veterans to understand how they specifically can make a difference in communities, and to find the pathways to specific programs and opportunities that are designed exclusively for them.

Collage of website wireframes

The solution we designed features an interactive map that lets people filter opportunities based on location and type of service project.

We crafted a design solution that clearly outlines the program options that The Mission Continues offers specifically for veterans, streamlining the application process and making it easier to understand all of the options available to them. Our solution also elevates impact statistics, to make it easier for veterans and community members alike to see how The Mission Continues volunteers are making a difference.

Check out these before-and-after shots to see how Teal devised a design solution that helps website visitors to understand how The Mission Continues empowers both veterans and communities, and makes it easy to get involved in their work.


Screenshot of old website


Homepage after redesign

The new Mission Continues website incorporates active photography from real community events to personalize their work. It also calls out key impact statistics to show how the veterans and volunteers who are part of The Mission Continues' community are making a real, tangible difference by getting involved.

Design of program coins

Teal also redesigned the logos for the different veteran-specific programs that The Mission Continues offers, to add an element of consistency and continuity across the programs.

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