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A Site that Fosters Connections

SciLine connects journalists with scientists to make sure credible, scientifically accurate information is integrated into the news. In today’s era of misinformation, their mission is more critical than ever. But their website was hard to navigate, making it hard for journalists and scientists to build connections, and preventing people from exploring the site to understand the full breadth of what SciLine has to offer.

Together, Teal and SciLine reimagined the experience of the SciLine website. Our solution helps both journalists and scientists to quickly and easily find what they need to ensure that it’s as seamless as possible to incorporate factual, research-based science into today’s news.

SciLine knew that their new website must carefully balance the needs of their two primary audiences: journalists and scientists. Resources like Fact Sheets, Expert Quotes, and Media Briefings need to contain rigorous research and scientific expertise, while still remaining accessible for journalists, who don’t necessarily have a deep scientific background. Teal and SciLine worked together to create a site taxonomy and content strategy that emphasize SciLine’s technical and scientific rigor, while making it easy for “laypeople” to access and digest.

Together, Teal and SciLine created an online experience that makes it easier than ever for journalists to incorporate scientifically accurate, factual information into the news. The new site that we created:

  • Showcases a modular, simple, and clean visual design
  • Offers up relevant content throughout the site via a topic-focused taxonomy
  • Introduces custom page templates for different resource types, enabling SciLine to create resources that feel personalized and relevant to their audiences
  • Includes a language toggle that lets SciLine display Spanish content when it’s available
  • Incorporates a robust content migration plan that helped us to dynamically migrate content into the new WordPress CMS
  • Prioritizes legibility and accessibility, ensuring that everyone is able to benefit from SciLine’s resources, regardless of ability or device
Collage of desktop and mobile page designs

Teal designed several custom page templates for the new website to help visitors quickly and easily understand that value that SciLine has to offer, and identify the information pathways that are the right fit for them.

Collage of a resource page showing special features and functionality

Resource detail pages offer tabbed sections for easy switching. They also include additional functionality such as a table of contents, a video player, and a toggle for Spanish translation. Each resource detail page also offers the option to connect to related resources, encouraging further exploration and discovery.

Icon set created for SciLine's array of services

Such a beautiful and mission-functional site. Taken together, the method and process for getting here was almost too good and smooth to be true. Thanks to all of you at Teal for being such great partners on this creative venture. I could not be happier about the outcome.

Rick Weiss



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