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A brand that connects past and present

Amnesty International USA was looking for a new visual brand for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) during their 60th anniversary celebration. Due to COVID-19, they were unable to hold the AGM in person – but they wanted the virtual event to feel just as energetic and celebratory as an in-person event might feel. They were looking for a new visual identity that helped them to celebrate and honor Amnesty’s history of progress, creating a space for activists and change-makers to connect with each other and to get tools and trainings that help them engage in human rights work.

Teal partnered with Amnesty to build a new brand for this momentous occasion. Together, we created a 60th Anniversary AGM brand that honors Amnesty’s rich history of human rights work, welcomes new members into the community, and celebrates the event’s theme of “Uniting Action-Takers and Change‑Makers.”

The visual identity that Teal created for the event reflects the bold, urgent energy that Amnesty International USA has brought to their work over the past 60 years, relying on historical fonts and images to connect Amnesty’s past and present.

Teal worked closely with Amnesty to create a foundational mark and brand elements that speak to the history of Amnesty International USA, and pay homage to the brand’s ongoing track record of activism. The visual brand we developed relies heavily on colors that evoke the energy of the Amnesty candle’s flame. We leveraged historical imagery and legacy logos to show how the current iteration of Amnesty is a continuation of a storied, legacy brand.

The visual identity that Teal created in partnership with Amnesty International USA has a modern spirit, while also honoring Amnesty’s rich 60-year history.

3In addition to devising the overarching visual identity, Teal worked with Amnesty to design conference swag, bringing the brand out of the digital space, and into the real world.

The new AGM brand uses fonts, colors, and imagery to build strong connections between Amnesty International USA’s past, present, and future.

The brand and collateral that Teal created for Amnesty International USA’s 60th anniversary equips Amnesty with the tools they need to bring action-takers and change-makers together to celebrate Amnesty’s rich history and look forward to a promising future of continued activism.

Thank you all for being so thoughtful and tremendous partners to work with -- your work with us has been reinvigorating for the whole team!

Lauren Murphy

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