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SaverLife was in a moment of transition. They were shifting away from their original name of Earn.org, and in the process of consolidating a variety of sub-brands under the new SaverLife umbrella. They had a strong strategy in place for the transition, but they needed help executing on that strategy.

Our Solution

Teal worked with SaverLife to create a cohesive foundational identity system for their new brand. With the new system in place, Teal and SaverLife continue to work together to produce all the collateral the SaverLife team needs to help people build financial security and stability.

Crafting a visual identity grounded in SaverLife's core values

The identity system that we created was centered around SaverLife’s logo, which was modern, simple, and memorable. We took that foundation and expanded upon it, creating a new visual brand for SaverLife that embraces the organization’s compassionate, inspirational, and innovative spirit.

SaverLife branding and collatoral examples

SaverLife’s new tagline is “change the balance.” Teal leaned into that idea of change by using dots, circles, bold colors and striking imagery to convey forward movement and dynamism.

SaverLife additional collatoral business makerting materials

SaverLife’s mission is to help working Americans save more money. Finance can beĀ  intimidating. Part of our goal for the new SaverLife visual brand was to demystify the subject, making the concept of saving money feel accessible, approachable, and achievable. We introduced a design concept that feels “fun” and uses authentic images of real Americans to personalize the content and make it feel relevant. Our design concept uses bold color and clear, simple, and straightforward visualizations for data-oriented content, to make sure that it’s easy for everyone to digest and understand.

SaverLife brand photography examples

The SaverLife photography style focuses on the faces of real Americans to make the idea of saving money feel relevant, personal, and achievable for all.

SaverLife brand additionanl elements and tagline
SaverLife brand guide details

Teal and SaverLife continue to work together today, creating additional collateral and providing ongoing design support that allows SaverLife to focus on what they do best - creating partnerships, programs, and resources to help all Americans achieve financial stability.

"We brought Teal Media on during a complicated and confusing brand transition. They jumped right in, asking the right questions, listening to our needs, and responding quickly. Their expertise and professionalism got us to the finish line in time and with a clear new brand already attracting attention nationwide."

Shana Beal
Director of Communications for SaverLife

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