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Reproaction is a direct-action nonprofit fighting to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. Reproaction isn’t afraid to take an aggressive stance, incite action, make bold moves, and develop strong partnerships that build support for reproductive rights. Reproaction chose Teal because we are equally passionate about the issue and aren’t afraid to take chances. Together, we transformed the once brochure-ware website into a robust action center focused on driving engagement and donations.

The Reproaction homepage features an embeddable video, optional "breaking news" bar that site content managers can toggle on-and-off, and a 'Take Action' bar that drives site visitors to local campaigns.
Just below the hero is an area where Reproaction can showcase a resource or feature a shareable social graphic.
As the user scrolls down, she is greeted with the latest news item and blog article from Reproaction. And while she's there, she can sign-up to stay updated.
We built a customized social media feed to keep the site fresh and show that Reproaction is leading the conversation in the space.
The footer of the site presents a final opportunity to take action.

The full Reproaction website also includes a custom About page, a Resource Library, and a robust Action Center with customizable campaign pages and embedded forms. On a quarterly basis, we review the performance of the website with the Reproaction team to ensure we are meeting our goals. This includes collaborating strategically and making incremental improvements on an ongoing basis to ensure our efforts across the website, social media, and email are coordinated and in-sync.

Teal Media exceeded our expectations for our website redesign. In the few days since we launched, we are getting rave reviews from our supporters. The Teal Media team took our marching orders of "gritty" and "professional" seriously, and put together quality design options that fit a direct action organization that means business. They listened patiently and worked collaboratively to build a user experience that made sense for the needs of our activists and the content we had to share.

- Erin Matson, Co-Director, Reproation

Teal also provides Reproaction with ongoing creative support. We design protest posters, t-shirts, social graphics, and more to support Reproaction's outreach efforts.

We also produced a custom video that explains who Reproaction is, what they do, and why their work is important.

(Teal) is a skilled firm that turns the 'what if' into reality. As an organization working to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice, it's important for Reproaction to work with vendors who share our progressive values, and we believe in supporting women-owned businesses. Kudos to Jessica Teal and her entire team who are accessible, flexible, patient, and never miss a deadline. We love our new!

Erin Matson
Co-Director, Reproaction

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