Teal Gives Back: Rebranding for expanded access to mental health resources

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RADical Hope was Teal's second recipient of our Teal Gives Back program in celebration of our tenth anniversary. RADical Hope is creating a model to evaluate social behavioral programs, with the goal of setting a standard that can be universally applied. Established in December 2018, RADical Hope is a new organization that was looking to better convey their unique mission through a modern visual brand.

RADical Hope partnered with Teal to establish unique brand guidelines to help them stand out as a leader in the mental health measurement space.

Creating a Modern Visual Brand

RADical Hope was established by Pam and Phil Martin, whose son Chris died by suicide while attending college. He was just 20 years old. RADical Hope was created in Chris’s honor, to measurably improve the brain health of our country’s young people.

While their mission was clear, the organization’s branding consisted only of a logo. Working closely with the RADical Hope team, we created a solid brand foundation from which they can continue to grow into.

Our first task was to modernize and simplify the logo. The existing logo held a lot of meaning for RADical Hope. The logomark was created from a painting that a friend made to honor the memory of Chris. The graceful figure and rays of hope were elements we needed to maintain while pushing the brand forward.

Teal modernized the logo mark by reducing the number of rays, and smoothing out the shape of the figure, while maintaining the important personal meaning of the original mark.

Once we refined the logomark, we created two brand directions for RADical Hope to consider. Our conversations with the RADical Hope team told us that the brand needed to be urgent, focused, impactful and data-driven, while maintaining a hopeful and “human” element.

Concept 1 used a rich, bold color palette to convey impact and urgency. A simple data-point treatment kept the focus on key facts, while the rays and organic shape of the logo pulled in a human softness.

Concept 2 used a brighter and softer palette to bring forward more of the hopeful, human nature of the RADical Hope mission, while elevating "action" colors like yellow and orange for a sense of urgency where needed. The data point treatment was simple and deconstructed to highlight the impact of their work in an organic way.

After reviewing their options with the organization and board members, RADical Hope decided to move forward with concept 2. They felt the lighter, softer color palette conveyed the hopefulness behind the mission of the organization. They also wanted to bring in the data-treatment of concept 1 to keep to a simple focused style that could easily be replicated with their in-house team.

Teal was able to provide a simple, yet effective brand starter kit for this new organization that will be flexible and sustainable as they continue to grow.

“We are grateful to Teal Media for creating a modern, visual look that effectively conveys the RADical Hope mission. The Teal team took a
thoughtful approach to developing our brand starter kit, and was responsive to our feedback as we went through the creative process together. We are
thrilled with the final product and the branding guidelines, which will be both flexible and sustainable as our organization grows."

Jackie Kepping Orsher
RADical Hope

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