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Primary Care Development Corporation

Increase access to primary care and advancing health equity in communities across the US

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) is unique in how they approach primary care. In their mission to increase access to primary care and advance health equity in communities across the US, they work with providers and practitioners through a multi-pronged engagement. They worked with Teal Media to update their website so that their audiences have a better understanding of who they are, what they do, and how to contact them. PCDC came prepared with brand requirements such as color and typography that Teal has incorporated and expanded into the design to make it more accessible, scannable, and attractive.

The multi-pronged approach

The new site highlights their three main work areas: Capital Financing, Expertise, and Advocacy. Teal has streamlined the way PCDC talks about the story of their work – from how they help to what they offer or support. It also includes their stories of impact, and related content such as resources, events, and news. Teal made it easy for PCDC to create and publish relevant and timely content across the site, and ultimately for their audiences to access.

Showcase of PCDC's 3 strategies.

Next Project

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Collage of Abundant Futures Fund components

Abundant Futures Fund

Abundant Futures Fund partnered with Teal Media to create a website that establishes their identity and credibility among donors who invest in funding the immigration justice movement and immigration issues in the US.