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PAI's website was old. The site didn't reflect the breadth of their initiatives, and the structure made it hard for people without a technical background to find and engage with PAI's resources. On top of that, PAI was in the midst of a visual brand update, which wasn't reflected on the website. It was time for a fresh approach.

Our Solution

Teal reimagined the experience of PAI's website, centering it around their primary audience, and elevating the stories of the individuals who most directly benefit from PAI's work. Our solution strikes a balance between conveying emotion to drive engagement, and offering tangible information and resources to push the work forward.

An experience centered around audience needs

We began by focusing on PAI’s target audiences. Their primary website audience includes potential new allies, supporters, and donors, who care strongly about the individuals  directly impacted by barriers to reproductive rights, health services, & supplies. Knowing this, we focused the website on the people PAI supports. Our wireframes planned for large, vivid photography of individuals and descriptive captions about their story to bring their experience to life online.

But we couldn’t forget PAI’s secondary audience of policymakers and advocacy partners, who need quick access to critical resources and information. To help them easily find these resources, we streamlined the navigation and clarified the way PAI talks about their work. We also elevated key resources within the primary navigation channels to make sure partners and advocacy organizations had quick access to the most timely and relevant tools.

In the wireframing stage, we focused the website experience on the people who benefit from PAI's work. We also simplified the site's structure and introduced new navigation channel names that make it easier for technical partners and advocacy organizations to find key tools and information.

Our Discovery and Planning phase led us to plan for a website that:

  • Focuses the experience on the primary target audience — potential supporters, allies, and donors
  • Conveys emotion to motivate new supporters, while still providing critical tools and information that partners and technical providers need to support their work on the ground
  • Better tells the story of who PAI is, what they do, and why their work matters to people around the globe
  • Provides evidence that the PAI approach gets results
  • Demonstrates the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ 'who,' and 'why' of PAI’s work through personal stories of impact
  • Maintains the technical integrity of PAI’s programmatic work and expertise in advocacy, analysis, and research
PAI website redesign before and after

Check out these before/after shots to see how Teal transformed the way PAI tells their story of impact

PAI homepage hero showing a woman in India looking off camera and smiling
The homepage hero and key landing pages personalize PAI's sometimes wonky and technical work. We brought PAI's work to life by showcasing large images of individuals alongside descriptive captions about their story and how PAI empowered their sexual and reproductive health.
Each individual story also includes a preview of PAI's theory of change, to show how the work that PAI does has direct, real-world impact.
Our design includes the option to feature large visual impact stories that showcase statistics, making connections between the head and the heart.
The new website simplifies how PAI talks about what they do through simple, succinct message framing to highlight and personalize their work in ways that feel approachable to non-technical audiences.
It was important for PAI to be able to highlight urgent actions and relevant resources right on the homepage, without asking users to dig around. Teal built an easy-to update homepage component that lets PAI feature the latest and greatest, easily swapping out content as needed.
PAI Website Components Collage

PAI works in a rapidly-changing field, and they wanted to ensure that their team can create new content to showcase the immediacy of their work and continue to evolve their new visual brand. Teal built a series of components with flexibility built in, letting PAI build their own pages to tell unique stories and demonstrate impact.

PAI website redesign key pages

Our partnership with PAI resulted in a new digital platform that more clearly explains their work and helps them to better engage supporters, donors, and partners alike. By streamlining the presentation of content and centering the experience of the website around the individual people who benefit from the incredible work that PAI does, Teal helped PAI to truly transform the way they present their organization online.

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