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NewseumED.org offers free resources to cultivate the First Amendment and media literacy skills essential to civic life. Visitors can learn how to authenticate, analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources and put current events in historical context through standards-aligned lesson plans, videos, primary sources, virtual classes and programs. Teal Media, in partnership with Echo & Co, created the visual identity and website design for NewseumED.

Establishing NewseumED

The Newseum had an online “digital classrooom” that wasn’t gaining much traction. The website was dated and clunky and was unable to accommodate the increasing demands from the core audience—educators and students. The education department needed a modern and robust tool that would give educators exclusive, free, high-quality content for teaching First Amendment freedoms. The tool had to provide intuitive workflows for producing and approving content, handle thousands of content assets with rich search capabilities, and provide teachers with a sense of ease and simplicity in application of the tool in their classroom settings. Teal worked cooperatively with the Newseum to transform and rebrand their “digital classroom” into NewseumED.

The hero area of the NewseumED homepage directs site visitors to essential tools and resources. Visitors can also immediately sign-up to get premium access to additional content and website features.
Right below the hero is a region where NewseumED can feature the latest and most important tools. We offer both filters and 'quick views' of resources so the visitor can easily browse before ultimately choosing a tool to dive into.
We then display a listing of the most recent classes and trainings that site visitors can easily filter to see the items that are most relevant to them.
EDCollections bring together rare archival materials, primary sources, interactives and standards-aligned lesson plans to provide an immersive learning experience.
EDIdeas is where we showcase NewseumED's thought leadership.
Testimonials from students and educators around the world convey the value that NewseumED provides.

Teal partnered with Echo & Co to create a sophisticated, dynamic platform with a user experience focused on increasing conversions (site registration) and serving up tailored content and features to site visitors. We restructured the entire site and introduced new navigational systems, including a new “EDTools” feature that allows visitors to filter, sort, and search for curriculum resources and other teaching materials.


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