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Advancing social change through a faith-based Jewish lens

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The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. NCJW is committed to creating a world where all people, regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, or immigration status, have the right to build their families and live their lives with dignity.

Turning progressive ideals into action

In 2016, NCJW partnered with Teal to completely reinvent their online digital presence, starting with their website. Their primary goals included modernizing their look & feel and making key resources and tools more accessible and usable.

Discovery Workshop

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Image of NCJW leadership and staff at the discovery workshop
On our first day of the workshop with the national NCJW team, we led hands-on exercises that informed how we approached the website.
Image of large sheets of paper each with a persona
To ensure that we were designing with user needs in mind, we created personas for each of NCJW's target audiences and made sure they had a "seat at the table" as we made decisions about the website content strategy and user experience.
Image of content prioritization matrix
Working from the results of brainstorm focused on generating ideas for content, features, and functionality to support common user journeys, workshop participants worked together to rate the ideas by how they supported organizational goals.
NCJW leadership and staff collaborating on possible homepage approaches
The workshop participants were divided into groups and sketched wireframe ideas using the prioritized content from the previous activity. Each group presented and discussed with the greater group.
Creative Director Aruna Mall presenting moodboards during the discovery workshop
Teal Media presented moodboards that were designed based on the research conducted with internal and external stakeholders of the website.
Selected moodboard
The selected moodboard provided Teal Media a concrete direction for the look and feel of the website.

How it all came together

We transformed NCJW’s once impersonal, institutional-looking website into a dynamic action platform that inspires, motivates, and emanates hope and possibility. The site relies heavily on compelling photos of NCJW’s community members to ‘break up’ the text and tell the NCJW story through its people. The site also presents NCJW’s priorities in a clear and consistent way, making it easy for site visitors to take action on the specific issues that matter most to them.

Hero area of the homepage of the website
The NCJW homepage welcomes members and potential supporters by allowing them to immediately get involved. A clear and concise navigation makes it easy to explore the website.
Area of the homepage of the website where you can take action
The website presents more opportunities for people to take action.
About area of the homepage of the website
NCJW has a long history of success in fighting for women and families around the country. It's critical that they are able to tell their story and what that success looks like.
Featured impact stories area of the homepage of the website
Stories of how NCJW members create impact in communities across the country.
News area of the homepage of the website
News and Updates let members and potential supporters catch up on the latest announcements from NCJW.
Work area of the homepage of the website
Highlight of the work that NCJW engages in. Visitors can easily find and participate in an issue they're passionate about.
Collage of other page designs for the website

Other designs include landing pages for taking action, finding an NCJW Section near you, stories, and individual pages for work areas and resources.

Collage of page templates for an NCJW section

NCJW sections, acting as branches and operated independently by members across the country, run their own websites detached from the national site. In a concerted effort to establish a united visual front and experience, Teal Media created a single and shared platform that sections can use.

We are getting great feedback on our beautiful new website…thank you!!! We are very pleased with the results.

Nancy K. Kaufman

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