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Equal Access International (EAI) works in developing communities, using participatory media to achieve social change at the local level. EAI approached Teal with an outdated website that was difficult to navigate and did not effectively communicate the value that EAI offers funders and partners.

Teal worked with EAI to redesign their website to better tell the EAI story and convey the dynamic nature of EA's work. We put the people impacted by EAI's work at the center of the story, bringing EAI's extensive photo library to life, letting the visuals speak louder than words. We also introduced a vibrant color scheme peppered with beautiful, worldly textures. A major feature of the site is an animated infographic that explains EAI's theory of change at a single glance. The end result is a website that motivates partners, funders, and supporters to want to learn more about EAI and get involved.

We began creating the look-and-feel for the site by creating two initial design boards that extended the existing EAI brand in different ways. Design boards are a great way to explore a variety of look-and-feel options right up front, without investing into full-page mock-ups that might never be used.

Teal created a custom animated infographic that visually represents EAI’s theory of change — The Interactive Loop. EAI projects are designed around the experiences, opinions, and solutions of the communities they partner with. Every program has multiple touch-points that integrate community solutions and feedback. The interactive infographic allows you to explore each touchpoint and why that touchpoint is crucial to EAI’s methodology and theory of change.

The hero area of the homepage features stories of EAI's impact in the field, as told by the people directly impacted by and contributing to the work.
We then show all the four main focus areas of EAI's work and provide direct links to these program pages.
The interactive infographic can live anywhere on the website. The homepage is the first major page where site visitors get an immediate sense of what EAI does and how they do it.
We also pull in featured research and resources that will be helpful for on-the-ground teams. Directly below, we showcase another first-person story of how EAI's work is getting results.
We close out the page by expressing how important partnerships are to EAI's theory of change, with links to audience-specific landing pages that detail the specific value of an EAI partnership.
Because first-person narratives of EAI's impact were central to our website strategy, we built a 'stories' module with the utmost flexibility in mind. EAI can easily customize and add a story to any major landing page of the site.

The full EAI website also consists of highly customized page templates for Approach, Work, Stories (with filters for Impact Area and Location), Research & Resources, News, and About. Subtle animations and background design elements and textures guide the user down these pages. There is always a new captivating visual to see and content region to explore.


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