Engaging millennial women voters

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  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Development

EMILY’s List partnered with Teal to create Women Vote, a bold campaign to engage millennial women voters during the 2016 election cycle. Teal designed the visual identity, website, polling locator, social media graphics, and other materials to support the campaign’s digital outreach and media partnership efforts.

The visual identity system we created for Women Vote features a minimalist, modern logo that makes use of the “V” in vote as a checkmark. The subdued color palette characterized by pale pinks and peaches allows the vibrant, lifestyle photography to take center stage. We selected a clean, heavy font that can be used as a design element in-and-of itself, with screened issue imagery. Together these design components work together to form a fresh, bold visual brand that speaks to millennial women.

The disruptive "V" in vote is the centerpiece of the logo design. It expresses choice, deliberateness, energy, and progress. The font used is the same as the primary EMILY's List brand font to give a subtle nod to the parent organization.
Teal also created a set of simple social media graphic templates that the campaign could easily iterate upon, produce, and post to social channels.
The text treatment was a visual design element in and of itself. We screened relevant imagery into the shape of the text to further drive the message home.
We chose vibrant, lifestyle photography of millennial-aged women in everyday life. We wanted to convey the message that when you vote, you are making decisions that affect you, your life, and your community.

Teal also designed and developed the website for the Women Vote campaign. The site sets the stage for the campaign and features social media feeds, videos, and a poll finder so users could get the most-up-to-date information on where to vote.

Teal created a brand guide for the campaign that included guidance on logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery style, and more.

The graphics we created for the Women Vote campaign were simple, fearless, and to the point. We represented negative messaging with dark text and a simple strikethrough and positive messaging with screened text and celebratory imagery. This bold approach made the graphics stand out from the 'noise' on social media channels.


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