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Jason Yovanoff
Liz Klarecki
Ojwanna Wilson
Ryan Co
Tyler Patton

After the Democrats defeated Donald Trump in 2020, the Democratic Governors Association needed to harness political momentum and take the fight to protect our democracy, grow our economy, expand health care, and follow the science to every single state and territory.

To organize all this energy, and with so much at stake, the DGA needed a new website with a modern design and a flexible architecture that put donor actions front and center—while complying strictly with security, privacy, and accessibility standards.

Our Solution

Teal introduced a revitalized new experience that declares what Democratic governors stand for, how they get the job done, and why voters should care.

Democratic governors get it done for America. And, equipped with a dynamic new website, DGA helps them win.

A new website was DGA’s opportunity to reintroduce their mission, mobilize new supporters, and help Dem governors win.

The new DGA website prioritizes action and conversions to make it easy for people to join the DGA team and make direct donations—especially on a mobile device.

We introduced an exhilarating color palette of blues and complementary hues that gives energy to every page.

We also put Democratic governors front and center with rich profiles that make it clear what is at stake in every election, in every state. Visitors can explore the interactive map to find incumbent governors, open races, and red-to-blue flips—and crucially—learn where they can take action to maximize their impact.

With zero states lost and 10 states flipped since 2015, DGA’s record of success is highlighted across the site with big bright blocks of results. And for visitors interested in making an IRL statement, there’s a dedicated path to purchase exclusive swag that’s union printed and made in the USA.

Teal is so thrilled to partner with DGA’s team of digital experts to design and deliver a new online home for DGA that’s focused on electing Democratic governors, building back better, fixing the damn roads, and defending our progressive values. Now meet your governors!


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