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The BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) is a leading force transforming today’s top environmental challenges into job-creating and economic opportunities. BGA wanted to make it easier for people to understand who BGA is and how they can get involved in their work. That's when they turned to Teal.. Together we created a new visual identity and website that tells the BGA story, educates people on the issues, and motivates them to take action.

BGA unites 10 of the nation’s largest labor unions and 5 leading national environmental organizations.

Creating BGA’s Visual Identity

BGA is an influential force in the environmental space. BGA has an incredible staff of experts and supporters that design public policies, perform research, and facilitate dialogue between environmentalists, union members, and other key stakeholders. BGA also takes on the important role of educating the public and encouraging them to take action on common-sense solutions that create good jobs, promote a clean environment, and boost our economy. Teal needed to craft a visual identity for BGA that would effectively express the stature of the organization and their forward-thinking approach.

Teal created a logo that does just that:

The final BGA logo (top), alongside initial concepts (bottom)

In our Discovery process for the website, we identified key opportunities to simplify the information architecture and present content in a more approachable, user-friendly way. We revised the navigation and site structure to make resources easy to find and digest. We also modernized the overall look and feel of the site to match the new visual identity.

The streamlined navigation clearly outlines BGA's focus areas. The top part of the homepage allows them to feature a priority advocacy action.
Streamlined messaging accompanied by custom illustrations and icons that clearly communicate what BGA does.
Previews ofBGA's main work areas. Peppered alongside are personal stories that show the human impact of these environmental issues.
Interspersed calls-to-action that offer opportunities for people to get involved with BGA's work.
The latest news on what BGA is doing.
Another action!
Featured tools and resources to showcase BGA's thought leadership.
Featured programs and member organizations.

Teal also designed and developed interior pages for the site, including:

  • Work Area landing page that sets the stage for why this work is important and what issues are at stake
  • Issue pages that outline the challenge, opportunity, and how you can help
  • Take Action page that serves as central hub for all advocacy actions and dynamically displays them on relevant pages across the site
  • Tools and Resources page that allows the user to easily filter content by issue, type, state, and date

The website we created for BGA clearly and succinctly communicates who BGA is and positions them as an effective convener and thought leader in the space.


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