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Mobilizing Supporters to Fix Gerrymandering

All on the Line was a new campaign launched by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to fight gerrymandering efforts in key states and districts. They partnered with Teal to create the campaign's digital presence, outlining the issue, identifying the priority states, and making it easy for people to get involved.

Our Solution

Teal created a new website for All on the Line that makes it easy for website visitors to easily understand the issue, identify how it impacts specific areas of their lives, and sign up to get involved to make a change.

One of All on the Line’s primary goals is to make it crystal clear that gerrymandering impacts all of the other issues that many Americans care about. We used an animation to clearly draw those connections immediately when the user arrives at the site.

After outlining the ways in which gerrymandering impacts everything else, the site quickly pivots to outlining All on the Line’s priority states, and encouraging people to get involved where they live. The end result is a site that is bold and direct, drawing personal connections to the issue through stories and testimonials, providing easy access to additional resources for people who want to learn more, and encouraging everyone to get involved and take a stand.

Collage of pages for the new website Teal designed and developed for the All on the Line advocacy campaign


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