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A new name and brand to better reflect a mission-driven organization.
Two women in a conference room working on a laptop

alignco came to Teal as Betty & Smith. They had grown as an agency, and along with a new name, they needed a new visual brand and website to help them move away from a “founder” focus toward something that better reflects the values, mission, and breadth of experiences of their full team of strategists, communicators, and creatives. They partnered with Teal to create a new visual identity that authentically represents their brand story, and a new website that makes it easy for visitors to understand who alignco is, why they’re different, and how to partner with them.

Old Betty & Smith logo alongside new alignco logo

Brand Design

  • A Hands-On Collaboration to Create a New Brand

    alignco’s biggest goal for the project was to establish themselves as a leader and an “influencer” in the market space. As seasoned veterans with a new name and a new look, they wanted to strike the balance of looking unique, sophisticated and visionary, but also showing they they are “no bullshit, honest straight shooters.” As agency professionals themselves, we did a lot of hands-on collaboration and working sessions to talk through ideas, try things out. It was really important to them to be involved in the process, hear everyone’s ideas and concerns, and come to consensus together on something they love.

    Early alignco logo iterations and color explorations

    Early logo iterations and color explorations.

    Collage of alignco brand visual elements, including shapes, typography, and photography

    We set out to build a warm, friendly, and trusted brand that was reflective of alignco’s personality. Every element of the visual identity evokes feelings of approachability and expertise — from the roundness of the font and geometric shapes to the energetically grounding color palette.

    Website Design

  • Bringing the Brand to Life on the Web

    With a new visual identity in tow, we focused on designing a beautiful and unique website that showcases how the depth of alignco’s commitment and expertise aligns with their company culture and values.

Using engaging visuals the site entices users to discover who alignco is and explore their work. Customizable case study pages let alignco showcase their accomplishments in a way that highlights their clients’ successes as much as their own. Clever animations and interactions add a sense of sophisticated delight throughout the site.

    Collage of mobile and desktop website designs for alignco

    Next Project

    Advancement Project
    Collage of report covers

    Advancement Project

    Building on a creative partnership with the next-generation, multi-racial civil rights organization.