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Abigail E. Disney

Abigail E. Disney, Rabble-Rouser for the People

It’s the only place you can possibly keep up with Abigail E. Disney.

Filmmaker. Philanthropist. Activist. Impossible to label, and with a spirit for justice that’s contagious, Abigail E. Disney advocates for changing our world’s relationship with capitalism. She fights so workers earn more, CEOs less, and for the rich all to pay their fair share.

Abigail came to Teal to build, for the first time, a visual identity and website that bring all the threads of her work together under a cohesive, authentic brand. We balanced Abigail’s warm humanity with her sleeves-rolled-up work ethic to create a new platform for her prolific body of work across films, podcasts, speeches, writing, and press.

Starting with Strategy

Abigail jumped into our brand strategy work, engaging in our workshops and bringing a vision for how she wanted to tell her story.

Abigail had never had an existing brand (she’d always used the visual look and feel from her films and projects), so we built a strategy together that authentically represents who she is and what she stands for. We also built in flexibility so the brand can connect all of her work to-date with whatever she has planned for the future.

Logo in different background patterns

Building a Visual Brand for an Icon

With deep roots in documentary filmmaking and on-the-ground advocacy, Abigail’s work is organic, gritty, and real. The path to change rarely looks smooth and polished.

Teal reflected that vibe in the wordmark and visual brand, with a typography-led design that nods to the grittiness of film and Abigail’s social justice bonafides. It’s paired with organic shapes, gradients, and a color palette that reflects the elements of her personality, from activism orange to peace-building purple.

One Place for a One-of-a-Kind Leader

Building on this new design foundation, Teal created a highly legible, content-focused website structured around Abigail’s core work.

The new website features:

  • Films, with individual pages with trailers, awards, and more for each of her documentaries on women’s equality, conflict, and human rights
  • Podcast, including latest episode highlights and an archive of more than four seasons of conversations with leaders fighting for a more equitable world
  • Speaking moments, from video op-eds to Congressional testimony, including a TED talk on fair pay for workers with nearly 2 million views
  • Writing, both on the site and via external articles, where Abigail says the things most people are afraid to say
  • Press with releases, highlights of media coverage, and easy ways for journalists to get in touch

The site gives Abigail a platform to show her history of creative work and activism, elevate her impact, and connect it all together in a cohesive way that will grow alongside her tireless work for others.

Collage of sample infographics
Collage of desktop and mobile page designs for the website, including the homepage, and landing and detail pages for Films and Podcast
Collage of desktop and mobile page designs for the website

Fighting for Justice

Abigail E. Disney’s life’s work is deeply interconnected and rooted in a pursuit of progressive social justice. From documentaries and speeches to podcasts and op-eds, her influence is far greater than the sum of its parts. Teal was honored to help Abigail knit all of her influence together, elevating and connecting it so the world can keep up with this rabble rouser for the people.

Because this work is not done, and Abigail shows no sign of slowing down in her fight.

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