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Greenpeace came to Teal with an outdated ‘blog-based’ website, riddled with multiple calls-to-action and lacking in focus and sophistication. The design felt more like that of a small environmental nonprofit–not an international environmental powerhouse. With so many priorities competing for your attention, the site was difficult to navigate and content was hard to find.

It was time for a little Teal magic.

We transformed their primary website into a reflection of Greenpeace’s daring activism, global mission, and provocative operations. Our efforts earned Greenpeace a Webby Award honorable mention and a spot on the 20 Best Nonprofit Websites.

  • https://tealmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/gp-logo-webby-awards.png
  • https://tealmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/gp-logo-top-nonprofits.png
The Challenge

A lot to accomplish in a short amount of time

Greenpeace was on a super tight timeline. They needed to launch the new site on a new content management platform in three months. (Yes, three months!) Teal–then a part of Echo & Co–responded by whipping up a one-day boot camp to sprint through the initial planning process. We quickly determined that increasing user engagement meant crafting a strong narrative and setting explicit, easy-to-spot calls-to-action against a backdrop of a provocative design, as bold as Greenpeace itself.

Driven by this strategy, Teal and Greenpeace worked diligently over the next few weeks to craft a powerful user experience that:

Conveys Greenpeace's audacious yet sophisticated brand personality and makes the user the hero of the story with a provocative question that inspires a sense of agency (i.e. *I* have the power to do this)
Showcases evidence and ‘fast facts’ about Greenpeace’s impact
Is infused with focused easy-to-spot calls-to-action (i.e. wherever you see the Greenpeace bright green, there’s something you can do!)
Tells the visual story of how Greenpeace works and why the Greenpeace theory of change is effective.
Offers proof through victories, personal stories, and in-the-field action photos and videos

In addition to these key elements, the Greenpeace website also features:

  • An optimized mobile experience that prioritizes advocacy actions and donations
  • A robust, filterable, sortable Research Library filled with valuable reports, fact sheets, analysis, and investigations
  • Dramatically simplified Issue pages (i.e. Saving the Arctic, Protecting Forests, Fighting Global Warming, etc.) that feature a single, specific action; tell the story of the issue; and explain why people should care (we reduced the amount of content on these pages from an average of 5 pages per work area to just 1!).
  • Multiple opportunities to collect donations, both global and in-context on individual article pages
  • A scalable back-end infrastructure that can be leveraged for international versions of the site
The Result

An award-winning website

Our collaborative partnership with Greenpeace resulted in a provocative, action-inducing website that captures the organization’s essence: bold, gritty, and unapologetic. The vibrant new look inspires action from front-line volunteers, dedicated donors, and the newly inspired; while the polished, serious presentation captures Greenpeace’s thoughtful, non-violent approach to raising the quality of public debate.

The result was an award-winning website that now serves as a digital model for Greenpeace chapters worldwide.

Teal created a highly-visual storytelling component that better explained who we are, what we do, and the impact we've made that reflected our bold, hard-hitting personality.

Michael Silberman

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